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Create surveys that your website visitors and users can take simply by clicking a link to a survey on your website. You can create "static" links that are integrated directly into your site or pop-up links that display to all or a fraction of your website visitors. For example, with Vanguard Vista™ website survey software, you can create website surveys and questionnaires for:

  • Website Satisfaction Surveys.  Create a satisfaction survey to ask visitors about their experience with your website. For example - Did they find the information they needed? Was the ordering process simple? Would they recommend your website to friends and colleagues?
  • Website Feedback Surveys.  Gather website feedback about visitor experiences by displaying a feedback survey link to all or a fraction of your website visitors.
  • Visitor Profiles and Demographics.  Find out who is visiting your site by creating surveys that ask for demographic information.
  • Website Exit Surveys.  Pop-up a survey when users exit your website to ask them about their experience. Vista will automatically generate the code for you to embed in your website to show your exit survey to all or a fraction of your visitors.
  • Online Registrations.  Enable visitors to register for demos, conferences, etc. Provide a seamless experience by matching the form to your site and embedding it in a Web page.
  • Online Subscriptions.  Allow visitors to subscribe to your service, newsletter, magazine, mailing list, etc.
  • Website Customer Surveys.  Create a customer satisfaction survey asking your customers about their experience with your website. The survey link can be posted on your website or sent to your customers via email.
  • Order-taking and Accepting Payment.  Provide customers with a secure means of ordering products and/or submitting payments via interactive forms. Using a secure link enables you to confidently collect credit card and other purchasing data.
For more detail about Vista's features, watch our Video Overview or check out our Feature Tour. Better yet, try Vista firsthand with a Free Trial Account. We think you will agree that Vista is the premier tool for building professional Web-based surveys and forms.

We were starting from scratch, building a new school, and our web hosting company failed at creating online applications, surveys and questionnaires for students and employees. Vista website survey tools gave us what we needed - flexibility in design, ease of use, and great online applications for our new students and employees.

Mark Tingley
IT Manager
St. Patrick Catholic School

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