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Create professional-looking market research surveys and questionnaires, and gather the critical information you need while creating a positive impression of your company or the company(s) you represent. Use Vanguard Vista for:

  • Consumer Profile Surveys.  Profile potential consumers of your product to better target your marketing efforts. Use the built-in confidence intervals in the results report to determine if you have a large enough sample to make valid conclusions about your market.
  • Competitor Comparison Surveys.  Ask potential consumers to compare your product to other competitors in terms of name recognition, features, pricing, etc. Vista's built-in ranking and matrix question types enable you to quickly build an online survey for competitor comparison.
  • Panel Feedback Questionnaires.  Survey your marketing panel to get insight into their evaluation methods and product opinions. Generate an analysis report at the click of a button that includes built-in correlation analysis to help you find trends and associations in your data.
  • New Product Evaluation Surveys.  Test consumer reaction to new products, concepts, and marketing strategies by surveying your target market with an online survey. Your results report will automatically include confidence intervals to let you know if you have enough data to make a valid conclusion about the market.
  • Price Sensitivity Surveys.  Determine the ideal price points for your products by surveying typical consumers, rather than relying on gut feel alone. An online survey is a quick and easy way to generate valuable data to inform pricing decisions.
  • Advertising Effectiveness Questionnaires.  Ask your panel or a focus group to look at a series of advertisements and choose the one that best gets across your marketing message. You can embed images, video and much more directly in your online questionnaire.
For more detail about Vista's features, watch our Video Overview or check out our Feature Tour. Better yet, try Vista firsthand with a Free Trial Account. We think you will agree that Vista is the premier tool for building professional Web-based surveys and forms.

Vista gives me the ease of use and technical support at a price that other online survey products can't match. The support provided is exceptional.

Dean Acocelli
Senior Market Research Analyst

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