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Make the most of your company's greatest asset - employees. With Vanguard Vista™ survey software, you can quickly and easily create secure, online employee surveys and questionnaires that allow you to better understand your employees -- their perspective on the work environment, management, and career growth within your company.

  • Satisfaction Surveys.  Routinely measure employee satisfaction with various aspects of their jobs, such as management, growth opportunities, pay and benefits, training and development, company tools, etc.
  • Engagement Surveys.  Are your employees fully engaged in the organization? Are the tactics and goals of each employee aligned with the goals of the organization? In today's modern workplace it is not enough to keep your employees satisfied - they must also be engaged in the business.
  • Benefits Surveys.  Create an employee benefits survey to find out which benefits are most important to your employees, and in which programs employees intend to participate. Create surveys and forms for signing up for benefits programs.
  • New Employee Questionnaires.  Create a new employee questionnaire to streamline the new employee orientation process. Quickly collect an employee's contact information, hardware and software requirements, training needs, program preferences, and much more.
  • Training Questionnaires.  Get feedback about training course content, instructors, job usefulness, pace, length, etc. Establish success measures for in-house and field training courses.
  • Exit Interviews.  Provide an anonymous means of gathering feedback about your company during the employee exit process. Data gathered via questionnaires can be used to evaluate company performance with regard to employee turnover, employee satisfaction, benefits, and management behavior.
For more detail about Vista's features, watch our Video Overview or check out our Feature Tour. Better yet, try Vista firsthand with a Free Trial Account. We think you will agree that Vista is the premier tool for building professional Web-based surveys and forms.

I want to let you know that I am more impressed with Vista than any other offering I have checked. I have been able to create an employee survey that others' software either can't do or would require special programming.

Burtin Hart
Senior Course Developer

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