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Successful companies know their customers. With Vanguard Vista™ survey software you can quickly and easily create sophisticated, online customer surveys and questionnaires to find out what your customers really think.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys.  Regularly measure the satisfaction of your customers in your key business areas as a metric to gauge the performance of your business. Generate instant reports of customer satisfaction ratings and receive instant alerts for negative responses.
  • Customer Service Surveys.  Send out a survey at the end of each customer service case to measure the effectiveness of your customer service efforts. You can even link case information like case number and support representative directly in the survey
  • Account Closure Surveys.  Survey customers who close their accounts to learn the reason(s) for their departure. By providing an anonymous feedback mechanism you are likely to get more honest feedback from your past customers.
  • Lead Feedback Questionnaires.  Find out why qualified leads did not purchase your product or service by sending out a questionnaire at the end of the sales cycle. By keeping the questionnaire to five questions or less and providing an easy, online way to take the questionnaire, you will likely increase your response rate.
  • New Product Evaluation Questionnaires.  Test consumer reaction to new products, concepts, and marketing strategies by surveying your target market with an online questionnaire. Your results report will automatically include confidence intervals to let you know if you have enough data to make a valid conclusion about the market.
  • Other Customer Surveys.  You can create an online survey to collect just about any information you need from your customers. Create online surveys to collect information for case studies, success stories, testimonials, reviews, updated contact information, feature requests, and much more.
For more detail about Vista's features, watch our Video Overview or check out our Feature Tour. Better yet, try Vista firsthand with a Free Trial Account. We think you will agree that Vista is the premier tool for building professional Web-based surveys and forms.

I am a big fan of Vista, and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy way to create and deploy a survey and a comprehensive way to analyze results.

Gabrielle Hase
Product Manager

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