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Chances are good that there are a number of areas in your business right now where Vanguard Vista™ can help you administer surveys, collect feedback, and automate data collection. Once you start using Vista, we think you will find that potential applications are limitless. Below are some examples of the types of surveys and forms you can create with Vista.

Customer Surveys
Find out what your customers really think with Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Customer Support Surveys, Account Closure Surveys, etc.

Employee Surveys
Survey your most valuable asset - your employees - with Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Performance Review/Assessment Forms, Training Feedback Surveys, etc.

Online Forms
Get rid of that manual paper process! Publish online forms to collect routine data much more efficiently.

Market Research
Whether you are a professional market research firm with an established panel or a small business that wants to test out a new product idea, Vista can help you.

Web Site Surveys
Find out who is visiting your Web site and what they think. Automatically display your survey to all or a fraction of your Web site visitors.

We reviewed over 50 online survey systems, and fully tested 15. Based on overall functionality, reporting, and intuitiveness Vista's system was by far the best survey system for the money.

Kyle Kraus
Marketing General Contractors

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