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Number Box Question

The Number Box question is used to ask the user for a numeric answer in a survey.  Here is an example of a Number Box question.

Example of a Number Box question

This question can be displayed in normal mode (as shown above) or Form mode (use with a Form Header Question).

The following is a description of the fields in the Number Box question editor:

  • Question - Entry field for your question text.  You can use the formatting toolbar to add formatting to the question such as text size, text formatting (bold, italic, underline), color, etc.
  • Default Value - Sets the default answer choice for the question.  If the question has Possible Answers (i.e. Multiple Choice, Select Many), this value must be the exact text (case sensitive) of the answer choice.
  • Text box display length - Sets the character width of the text box.  Note that this is only the display length of the text box and does not limit the length of the respondent's answer.
  • Answer required - If checked, the respondent must answer this question before continuing with the survey.
  • Verification - Click this button to set the verification rules for the question.  For example, you can verify that respondent answers are in a certain numeric range or have a certain number of characters.  If respondent's answers do not meet the verification rule entered here, the respondent will not be able to continue the survey.

Further Information

  • For instructions on adding an image (such as a logo) to this page, see How do I add a logo to my survey?
  • For information on using Piping to display dynamic data, see Using Piping
  • For information on entering text in multiple languages (i.e. multilingual survey), see Multilingual Surveys
  • To change this question to another type, Right-click on the question in the Edit tab and choose Change Type.

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Need answers to questions about Vista pricing or features? Search our Help Center.
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