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Password Question

The Password question is used to ask the user to enter a valid password before continuing with the survey.  Here is an example of Password question.

Example of Password question

The following are some applications of the Password question

  • Securing the survey by requiring the user to enter a password in order to take the survey
  • Identifying users in an "anonymous" way by assigning each individual a non-identifying password which they must use to take the survey.

The following is a description of the fields in the Password question editor:

  • Question - Entry field for your question text.  You can use the formatting toolbar to add formatting to the question such as text size, text formatting (bold, italic, underline), color, etc.
  • Text box display length - Sets the character width of the text box.  Note that this is only the display length of the text box and does not limit the length of the respondent's answer.
  • Valid passwords list - Lists the passwords that the user may enter to continue.  Each password should be entered on a separate line.  The user must enter one of these passwords in order to proceed past this question.
  • One response per password - If checked, only one response will be allowed per password.  If a user enters a password that has already been used for a submitted response, they will receive a message stating that the password is already taken.
  • Ask if - Click this button to set the condition under which this question will be asked, i.e. branching and conditional logic.  For more information, see the Ask if Logic page.

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