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Transferring Results to Salesforce

When a user responds to a Vista survey, the response is stored in Vista.  Results are automatically transferred to Salesforce every 15 minutes (see Automatic Salesforce transfers).

You can manually force a transfer from Vista into Salesforce by following these steps:

NOTE: Before you transfer survey responses into Salesforce, ensure that you have set up Question Mapping for the survey.  For more information, see Salesforce Tab.

  1. Log into Salesforce.  Then log into Vista through Salesforce (for more information, see Logging into Vista from Salesforce).

    Ensure that the Salesforce user account has permission to access the Survey and Survey Result objects installed with the Vista Surveys app.  If you are unsure whether the Salesforce account has the necessary permissions, contact your Salesforce Administrator.
  2. On the Surveys tab, click the check box next to the survey with the results that you want to transfer to Salesforce, click the Select Action drop down list box, and click Transfer to Salesforce.

    transfer to Salesforce from Surveys tab

    The Transfer to Salesforce page displays a summary of the responses to transfer.
  3. On the Transfer to Salesforce page, click OK.

    Vista transfers all new survey responses into Salesforce. 

    completed Salesforce transfer

    Note that Vista first queries Salesforce to determine which surveys already exist in Salesforce; then, it transfers all new surveys into Salesforce.

    Tip: If you need to re-transfer all of the responses to a survey, you can delete the entire survey from Salesforce (which will delete the reponses as well) and select the survey in Vista, then select Transfer to Salesforce.  All responses are transferred into Salesforce.
  4. On the Transfer to Salesforce page, click OK.

Video of Transfering Results into Salesforce

The following video will walk you through the process of transferring survey results into Salesforce.

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