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Overview of the Users Tab

Overview of the Users Tab

The Users tab is used by the Administrator of the account to add new users to the account (incurs an additional charge per user), and assign, edit, or delete users.  This tab is only visible to the Account Owner (the person who receives billing for the account).  If you are an Assigned User in the account, you will not see the Account tab when you log into Vista unless you have administrator priviledges.

For more information about permission-based user accounts, see Adding User Accounts and Permissions.

Adding User Accounts

  1. Log into Vista and click the Users tab. 
  2. Click the Change Number of Users button. 
  3. In Change User Accounts, enter the number of users you want to add, and click Next.  Your User Account Change Summary displays, giving you the cost for adding new users to your account and the prorated charge you will incur given your renewal date.
  4. Click Submit.  You will return to the Users tab where you will see the text “(unassigned)” displaying in a new row in the Users table.  There is a new row for each new user your added.  Now you can assign users to these new accounts.

Assigning New Users

Once you have added new user accounts, you can assign names to the accounts.

  1. Log into Vista and click on the Users tab. 
  2. Click Assign in the Edit column.  In New User, enter the information for the user.  The password you assign will be a default password which the user will be able to change.  All fields on this screen are required.  To make the new user an Administrator, click Is Administrator.  Click Next.
  3. Choose whether or not you want to send an email with login instructions to the user.  Click Next to proceed. Choosing Yes brings up a customizable email that is sent to the user.
  4. Make any changes to the email you need. Click Next to send the email and finalize the user assignment.

Editing a User

  1. Click the Edit link for the user.
  2. Make any changes you need.
  3. Click Next to return to the Users tab.

Deleting a User

  1. Click the Delete link for the user. 

When you delete a user listed in the Users table, the user account is returned to Unassigned.  Deleting a user does NOT automatically delete the user account.

Removing a Deleted User from your Bill

To ensure that you are NOT billed for deleted users, you must edit the number of users in your account via the Change Number of Users button.

  1. On the Users tab, click Change Number of Users.
  2. In Change User Accounts, reduce the number of user accounts by 1 (or the number you wish to remove), and click Next.  A User Account Change Summary will display with updated billing information. 
  3. Click Submit.


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