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Viewing Individual Questionnaires

You can view individual responses for a survey by choosing Examine each completed questionnaire on the Results tab.  For more details about generating results reports, see View Survey Results.

Response Header

The following data is displayed at the top of the survey response when you choose to examine each survey individually:

  • Survey number - The position of the survey in the current response set.
    • Tip: This number if not guaranteed to be static and may change if survey responses before this one are deleted.  If you need a unique identifier for the response use the Response ID.
  • Response ID - The unique ID assigned to the response.  This value will never change for the response and is guaranteed to be unique within the survey.
  • Respondent's IP address - The IP address of the respondent.  This can often be used to determine the general vacinity of the respondent by using an IP Address Lookup tool (search the internet for "ip address lookup").
  • Survey date - The date and time the user submitted the response.  This will be in the time zone of Vanguard Vista's data center (Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:00)
  • Time to complete - The amount of time between the user starting the survey and clicking Submit at the end.

Edit Query Parameters

If you passed additional query parameters into a survey response, they will be displayed in the Header section with a link to Edit the parameters.  Clicking Edit will bring up a dialog where you can change parameter values and/or delete parameter values.

Navigating Responses

Click the First, Previous, Next and Last buttons to navigate between responses in your current results set.  Note that if you have any Filters defined on your data, you will only nagivate between responses in the filtered set.  For more information about filters, see Overview of the Results Tab.

Editing a Response

By clicking the Edit button you can edit the current survey response.  Clicking Edit will open up the survey in a separate browser window with the current response data filled in.  You can go through the survey and change response data, then click Submit at the end to save the changes.

Deleting a Response

By clcicking the Delete button you can delete the current survey response.  Note that if you accidentally delete a survey response, your Vista Technical Support Representative will be able to restore them for you.

Printing Responses

For instructions on printing individual responses see the article Can I print off each individual response to my survey?

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