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Using Invitation Details

Clicking an invitation on the Launch tab will bring up the Invitation Details, where you can view and manage the details of the invitation, and see who has responded to the survey or form.  For more information about the Launch tab, see Overview of the Launch Tab.

Recipient Table

The Recipient Table displays details about the recipients of the invitation, send/response status, and commands for working with recipients.  The Recipient Table fields are as follows:

  • Delivery Status - Indicates the delivery status of the email to this recipient.  The status can be one of these values:
    • Sent - The email was successfully sent to the recipient with no return (i.e. bounce) message.  Note that this doesn't guarantee that the reciepient actually received the email in their inbox as it still can be intercepted by spam filters.
    • Returned - The email was sent but a return (i.e. bounce) message was received from the destination server.  This typically means the email address is invalid but it also can be triggered a mailbox being full.
    • Queued - The email is queued in the Vista email system to be sent out.  For most email invitations, your emails should be sent out within 15 minutes of creating the invitation.  For large email blasts (i.e. more than 5,000 emails), it may take up to an hour for all emails to be sent out.  If it's been over an hour since you created the invitation and the status is still Queued, please contact your technical support representative at Vanguard Vista for assistance.
  • Responded - Indicates whether or not this recipient has responded to the survey.  The value can be No or Yes.  If Yes, and there has been more than 1 response from this recipient the number is indicated in parenthesis.
  • Actions
    • View Response(s) - View the response(s) for this recipient.  This opens the View Individual Questionnaire screen showing just responses from this recipient.  For more details about this screen, see Viewing Individual Questionnaires.

      • If your Invitation is Anonymous this command won't be available.
    • Edit Recipient Data - Brings up a screen where you can edit the uploaded data for this recipient.  Note that if you change the Email field, you will be asked if you want to resend the original email invitation to this new email address.
    • Start Phone Follow-up - Use this action when a recipient is unable to take the survey in person. This action allows you to open the survey for this recipient in a separate browser window and input the recipient's answers on their behalf.  The response that you submit to the survey will be linked to this recipient.
      • If your Invitation is Anonymous this command won't be available.
    • Resend Email - Resend the original survey invitation to the e-mail address listed in the E-mail column.

Other Commands

The following commands are available as buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  • Send Reminder - Send reminder emails to the recipients of the invitation.  You can choose to send emails to all recipients of the invitation or just those who have not yet responded.  You will be given the ability to compose a new email reminder message based on the original email.
  • View Email - View the text of the original invitation email that was sent out to the recipients.
  • Download Recipient Data - Download the contents of the Recipient Table in a tab-delimited text file.  The download file contains all the information in the Recipient Table plus additional information like the submission date(s) for each recipient.

    • Tip: The downloaded recipient data file is in a tab-delimited text format with a .xls extension and it can be opened using Microsoft Excel®.

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