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Overview of the Launch Tab

The Launch tab contains the Launch Wizard which will guide you through launching your survey.  Also, if you send out email invitations through Vista, the Invitation List will be displayed on this tab.

Using the Launch Wizard

Click the Launch Wizard button to run the Launch Wizard. The following scenarios display as you proceed through the wizard:

  • I will send email invitations through Vista.
    In this scenario you will upload your contact list, compose your email message, and Vista will send out the email invitations for you.  Each respondent will receive a personalized email which will contain a unique link to your survey so Vista can track who is taking the survey.  Note that there also is an option to send out emails through Vista which will keep responses anonymous.  For more information about sending emails through Vista, see Sending Email Invitations from VistaNote that additional charges might apply when sending emails through Vista.
  • I will send invitations using my own email system.
    In this scenario, you will send out emails that contain a link to your survey using your own emailing tool.  Vista will create a link for your survey which you can copy into your email client or third-party email program.  There is no additional cost for this launch scenario.
  • I will add a link or popup to my Web site.
    In this scenario, you will add a link to the survey to your Web site, either as a hyperlink or a popup page.  Vista will ask you how you want the survey to display on your site.  Then it will generate the HTML for you to embed in your Web site.
  • I will instruct respondents to type an address into their browser.
    This option will just give you the direct link to your survey, which you can embed in a newsgroup, blog, etc.  This option is also useful for getting the link to test your survey before you send it out to your users.

Note: If you are using the version of Vista, the Launch Wizard will include the option to send your invitations through Salesforce.  For more information about this option, see Launching through Salesforce.

Invitations List

When you send emails through Vista, an Invitation record is created which contains the details about your invitation such as your contact data and response details.  The Invitation records are displayed in a table on the Launch tab with the following fields:

  • Invitation Name - The name you gave to the invitation during the Launch process.
  • Date Sent - The date the email invitation was created and sent.
  • Total Recipients - The total number of people in the contact list that was uploaded to Vista.
  • Response Rate - The real-time response rate for the invitation.  The response rate is calculated by the following formula: # Responded / (# Sent - # Bounced).
  • Actions - The following actions are available:
    • Details - View the Invitation Details page for the invitation.  You can also view the details by clicking the invitation name.  For more information, see the Using Invitation Details page.
    • Send Reminder - Starts the Send Reminder process for sending reminder emails to your contact list.  For more information, see the Using Invitation Details page.
    • Delete Invitation - Deletes the invitation.  Note that if you delete the invitation all responses for the invitation will be deleted and users who click the link in the sent email invitations will see a message saying the survey is closed.
    • Rename Invitation - Renames the invitation.  This has no impact on the existing responses or the ability of users to click the link in emails to submit responses.

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Need answers to questions about Vista pricing or features? Search our Help Center.
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