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Send invitations using your email software

You can send survey invitations using your own email software instead of the built-in email functionality of Vista Survey.  If you choose to use your own email software, here are a few things to consider:

  • Managing invitations - When you send invitations using Vista Survey, invitations can be monitored, edited, and resent using Vista's intuitive interface.  Also, Vista enables you to send reminders to recipients to encourage them to complete your survey.  If you will be emailing multiple invitations, managing invitations using your own email software can be overwhelming.
  • Managing recipients - Vista enables you to compose, upload and modify your contact lists, use contact list fields as dynamic codes to personalize surveys, and export all recipient data to a spreadsheet for other applications. 
  • Analyzing results - Results for invitations sent using Vista Survey contain more detailed information than results sent using external email software.  Vista also enables you to track respondents when they come from Vista email invitations.

To send an invitation using your email software:

  1. Click the Launch tab, and click Launch Wizard.
  2. Click I will send invitations using my own email system, and click Next.
  3. Choose the format for the email (HTML or text), and click Next.  If you chose HTML, enter the text that you want to display in the survey hyperlink and click Next.
  4. Click Copy on the final page of the wizard, and then switch to your email message and choose Paste to insert the survey link.
    You can also use Vista to send a test email to your own email address.  Remember, if you take the survey using the link in the test email, your response will be recorded.

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Need answers to questions about Vista pricing or features? Search our Help Center.
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