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Overview of the Format Tab

On the Format tab you'll set properties that control the look of your survey such as fonts and colors, header and footer, and the envelope for your survey.

Tip: You can click the Preview button at the bottom or left of the screen to see how the style changes you make on the Format tab affect your survey.

The Style Wizard

The Style Wizard is used to make your survey match your company Web site. It will ask for the URL of your Web site, and try to extract images and color schemes from your site for you to use in your survey. 

When you click the Style Wizard button, you are prompted to enter a Web site URL. The Style Wizard then asks you to choose those colors and images which most represent your site from the elements it has extracted. When the wizard finishes, your questionnaire automatically takes on the "look" you have chosen including the addition of your logo in the Page Header field.

Style Properties

You can set the following Style properties for your survey:

  • Question Delivery
    • One at a time - Displays your survey with each question on its own page.
    • All at once - Displays all questions in your survey on the same page, regardless of any page breaks in your survey.
    • Defined groups (default) - Displays your questions with page breaks as defined in your survey.
  • Envelope - Sets the format (i.e. general appearance) for the survey.
  • Font family - Sets the font for text in your survey.  Note:  if you explicitly set the font for the text of a question from within the Question Editor of a question type it will override this value.
    • Clear Formatting - When you copy text from MS Word or other applications, it's common for the formatting (i.e. font attributes) to be copied as well.  Clicking the Clear Formatting link will clear all formatting in your survey.
  • Question text
    • Normal (default) - Shows question text as normal text.
    • Bold - Shows question text in bold font.
  • Progress indicator
    • None - Don't show any progress indicator.
    • Question n of N - Show the progress indicator as Question n of N (e.g. Question 1 of 5).
    • Progress Bar (default) - Show a progress bar.
  • Question numbers
    • Don't include - Doesn't include automatic question numbers when presenting the survey.
    • Include (default) - Includes automatic question numbers when presenting the survey.
  • Language - Sets the language for the survey.  The language of the survey determines the text used for all system text such as buttons, prompts, etc.
    • Clicking More gives you additional language options:
      • Customize Text - This brings up a screen where you can customize any system message in the survey such as button text and validation messages.
      • Switch to Multilingual - Clicking this link switches the survey to multilingual mode.  In multilingual mode you can translate questions into multiple languages and, by adding a question at the beginning of the survey asking users for their language, users are able to take the survey in their own language.  For more information, see Multilingual Surveys.


You can change any of the survey colors by clicking on the color bar next to a listed field and selecting a color from the table that displays or entering a RGB Hex value.

Tip: to specify a color as "transparent", delete the RGB Hex value, and click OK.

The following survey fields can have their colors changed. In some cases, how the color is used depends on the specific envelope you choose.

  • Text - Use this option to define the color of all text in your questionnaire.
  • Background 1 - Use this option to define the color used in the body of your questionnaire.
  • Background 2 - Use this option to define color used with even-numbered or odd-numbered questions. Choosing a color that is different from Background 1 helps to highlight question boundaries and differentiate questions.
  • Accent 1 - Use this option to define the color of the left bar and question matrix grid lines.
  • Accent 2 - Use this option to define the background color used in question matrix legends, buttons, and the progress indicator.
  • Background Image - Use this option to define the background image tile (if any) used throughout the entire survey.

Page Header and Footer

The Page Header and Page Footer is displayed at the top and bottom respectively of each page of your survey.  You can insert any content in the Header and Footer including text, images (i.e. your logo), and hyperlinks.  Use the Formatting Toolbar to format text in the Page Header and/or Footer sections.

To insert a logo or image, see How do I add a logo to my survey?. Note that logos and images must reside on a Web page to be extracted and incorporated into the Page Header or Footer field.

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