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Creating custom fields

You can personalize survey questions by using information from the survey invitation such as addresses or country information.  Here's how it works:

  1. When you create a survey invitation in Vista, you add a recipient list that contains the names and email addresses of your recipients.  This list typically consists of the standard fields Name and Email and their correspondind information.  
  2. You can also create custom field names for any other types of information contained in the list, such as address information.  When you add custom field names for other information, you give the custom field names such as City or Department.
  3. Next, you enter a special code for the custom field into a survey question and send the invitation.  For example, the code [%Department%] represents the field named Department.
    When a user views the question, the field code is replaced with their related information from the recipient list.

In the following example, you will add a custom field for the recipients' departments, add a field code to a question, and then send a test invitation to yourself to test the field code.

To create and use a custom field:

  1. Click the Launch tab and click Launch Wizard.
  2. On the Select Launch Method page, click I will send e-mail invitations through Vista.  The Create a Recipient List page displays.

    create a recipient list page  
  3. Choose Type recipient data directly and click Next.  The Type recipient data directly page displays.
    On this page you can upload your contact/recipient list into Vista.  When you add the list, the first row of the list contains the field names for the remaining rows.  Since you want to send a test invitation to yourself to test the survey, enter the recipient information as follows: 

    recipient list

    You can see that the first row of data consists of column headings.  These column headings are the field names for the data in the recipient list.  In the second row, be sure to enter your email address and not the one in the image above.  You must enter your email address because you want to send this invitation to yourself in order to test the custom field name.
  4. After you've uploaded your recipient list and click Next, the Standardize Field Names page appears.
    standardize field names page example
    On this page, you will match the column names in your recipient list to standardized Vista field names.
  5. Select the Name and Email field names for the name and email recipient data columns.
  6. For the third recipient data column, select Add Custom Field and enter the name Department for the field (the name will be added automatically).  This new name is the custom field name for this information, and this is the name that you will insert into a question using a special code. 
  7. Click Next to see the recipient data and field names. 
  8. Click Next to compose your email invitation.  You can see that the field names are available as Merge Fields that you can insert into the email.
  9. Complete the Launch Wizard but be certain to select the Send Later option on the Ready to Send page.  You select the Send Later option so that you can add the field code to a survey question before you send the survey.
  10. Click the Edit tab to modify or add the field code to a survey question.
  11. Open or add the question in which you want to display the custom field information.
  12. Enter the custom field code into the question using the syntax [%name%]:
    custom field code
  13. Click OK to save the question.
    Now you can send the test invitation and test the field code.
  14. Click the Launch tab to see the invitation that you created.
  15. Click More and choose Send Invitations.  The test invitation is now sent to your email address.
  16. Click the survey invitation link in the email that you receive and take the survey to confirm that the field code is replaced with recipient information.
    field code example
    Now you can create the real invitation and send it to your recipients.  

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