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Understanding questionnaires, surveys, and forms

When discussing surveys and forms most people use the word survey to describe a long series of questions that are spread over multiple pages.  For example, a survey might contain 20 questions that ask for feedback about a product, service, or experience. 

Typically, people use the word form to describe a short list of questions on a single page which ask for information.  A form created in Vista might ask for contact information only, or it might be a means of taking online orders, or eliciting an RSVP to an event, or gathering Human Resource information in a company.

Vista does not differentiate between surveys and forms because both formats are simply collections of questions. Essentially, you develop surveys and forms using the same steps, and you determine which type of questions are the best methods for collecting the information you need.    

When you develop a survey or a form you add the questions that you want to ask and decide how you want to collect responses.  The questions that you add to a survey or form comprise a questionnaire.  The questionnaires contained in your surveys and forms can include many different Question Types.  You can email links to both surveys and forms, or you can embed surveys and forms in Web pages on your Web site.

For more information on creating surveys and forms:
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