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Filter results by question

You can use Vista's report filters to understand the relationship between the answers submitted for different survey questions (also known as cross tabulation). For example, if you have a survey question that asks customers to choose which product they prefer and you have a question asking in which US state they reside, you can filter your report to display the results for respondents who choose a specific product and then see in which US states they reside.

Vista also includes advanced results reporting analysis using other data analysis methods. For more information, see Understanding Bar Graph Confidence Intervals, Understanding Probability Density Function, and Understanding Cumulative Distribution.

You can perform cross tabulation in Vista using Vista's results filtering features.

  1. Click the Define button in the Filter field on the Results tab.
    define filter
  2. Choose Filter by Question Answer(s) and click Next.
    filter by question
  3. Choose the question that you want to compare to the rest of the survey questions and click Next.
    filter by question
  4. Choose the question answer that you want to compare to the rest of the survey question answers and click Next. Here is an example of selecting a question answer to be used for filtering:
    choose an answer to filter by
    The filter that you defined is now listed on the Results tab.
    filter applied
  5. Click Continue to confirm your report properties. On the Confirm Report Properties page, click Generate Report.
    The new results analysis report contains data only for those respondents who submitted the answer that you selected in your filter. You now can see the cross tabulation in your results between the answer you selected in your filter and every other answer in the survey.
    The report includes a description of the filter you defined.
    results analysis with filter description

NOTE:  You can further refine the filter you previously defined by adding additional filters. Click the Define button on the Results tab and choose Results of the last filter on the Filter page. This will apply the new filter that you will define to the results from the previous filter. When you are finished setting the new filter, it is added to the previous filter on the Results tab.

additional filter

Generate a new report to see the new filter definition applied to the survey results.

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