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Display a survey in a popup window

You can choose to have your Vista survey or form appear in a popup window when someone enters or exists a Web page on your Web site.

  1. Click the Launch Wizard on the Launch tab.
  2. Select I will add a link or popup to my Web site and click Next.
  3. Select Automatically display a popup to a fraction of visitors and click Next.
  4. Specify the popup window attributes:
    • Enter a number for the percentage of Web site visitors that you want to see the popup window.
    • Enter the width and height of the popup window in pixels. If you are not familiar with pixel dimensions, use the default values of 680 and 450. These default values will enable all of your visitors to view the popup window regardless of the screen dimensions of their computer monitor.
    • Select whether you want the popup window to appear when a user enters or exits the Web page.
  5. Click Next.
  6. The Launch Wizard displays the HTML code that is needed to add a popup window to your Web site.
    launch instructions
  7. Click Copy. If you are using a Web browser other than Internet Explorer, select the HTML code and press Ctrl+C.
    Next you will paste the HTML code into a Web page on your Web site. If you are not responsible for your Web site and do not have access to it, or if you are unfamiliar with HTML, contact your Web site administrator and provide the administrator with the HTML code generated by Vista.
  8. Use your Web site's HTML editing program to open the Web page on which you want to post your survey.
  9. Paste the HTML code that was generated by Vista into the Web page. 

NOTE: In order for the link to work, your respondents' Web browser must have scripting enabled.  For information on how to enable scripting in all of the popular Web browsers, see the Microsoft Support article,  How to enable scripting in your browser.

For assistance with adding HTML code to your Web site, you also can contact Vista support:

Phone: 919-859-4101

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