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Copying a color to your survey or form

You can copy a color from a Web site and use it to format your Vista survey or form.

NOTE:  You can copy and apply the entire style of a Web page to your survey using the Style Wizard. For more information, see Use the Style Wizard.

  1. In your Web browser, open the Web page with the color you want to copy.
  2. Right-click the Web page and choose View Source or View Page Source. The Web browser will open the Web page in a text editor that displays the HTML for the Web page.
  3. Use the Find feature in the text editor to search for the word "color". For example, if your Web browser opens the Web page in Notepad, choose Find from the Edit menu and search for "color".
    The text editor will locate all instances of the word color, but you will only need to find the HTML instances that look like this:
    The text that begins with # is the RGB color code used by Web browsers (such as #669999). You can use the RGB color code to add the color to your Vista survey.
  4. Copy (Ctrl+C) one of the RGB color codes.
  5. On the Format tab of your Vista survey, click the color that you want to change:
    format tab colors options
  6. Delete the current RGB code, paste (Ctrl+V) the RGB code you copied, and click OK.
    choose color
    The new color is automatically applied to the format of your survey.
  7. Click the Edit tab or Preview to see the color applied to your survey. If this is not the color that you wanted to apply, try again using the other RGB codes that you find in the HTML for the Web page.

NOTE:  To copy the color from one element of your survey to another element, copy the RGB code from the first element (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V) into the RGB code field for the other element.

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