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How do I create a matrix question?

A matrix question is really a group of separate Multiple Choice or Select Many questions that are presented together. In Vista, you add a Matrix Header question first, then you insert each row in the matrix separately.

matrix description 

To create a matrix question:

  1. Right-click an existing question and choose Insert Before or Insert After.

    edit question drop down menu
    All matrix questions start with a Matrix Header question. The Matrix Header question contains the question text for the matrix question and specifies the number of columns for the matrix.
  2. From the Question Gallery, choose Matrix Header
  3. Enter the main question text in the message text field. 
  4. Click to place your cursor next to the bullet in Enter column headings, and type a column head. Each bulleted item you enter is a separate column heading.  
  5. It is recommended that you leave Row heading width and Column width set to auto which will cause the columns to automatically expand to fit the text you enter. However, if your column head spacing requires more formatting, you can enter a width, in pixels, in the Column width field. 
  6. To randomly order the rows of the matrix question for each respondent, click the checkbox for Randomize matrix rows. The rows will not be randomized in the Edit tab or in the results reports for the survey.
  7. Click OK. Now that you have defined the Matrix Header question, you can go on to add matrix rows.
  8. Right-click the Matrix Header question and choose Insert After.
  9. From the Question Gallery, click Matrix Radio Buttons, Matrix Checkboxes, Matrix Number Boxes, Matrix Text Boxes, Matrix Group Radio Buttons or Matrix Drop-Down Menu.
  10. The question editor page for the matrix row style you have chosen will display with the cursor in the first row. Enter the text for the row and click OK. The new row is added to the matrix.
    NOTE: If you feel that your row questions require more space than auto is providing, you can go back to the Matrix Header question and enter a width, in pixels, in the Row heading width field.
  11. To insert another new row, right-click the row you just added and choose Insert After or Insert Before. You also can right-click a row, click Duplicate and a duplicate version of the row will automatically display beneath the row you duplicated. Then you can right-click the dupilcate row and choose Edit to change the row's text.

The following matrix question is an example that uses titles to explain the different matrix question components.

matrix example 


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