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Question Gallery

The Vista Question Gallery lists all of the question types that are available for building your survey or form.

Locating the question gallery

On the Edit tab, click the Add Question button.

add question button

You also can add a question by right-clicking an existing question and choosing either Insert Before or Insert After.

insert after

The Question Gallery page will display.

question gallery 

Question Gallery layout and dependencies

The questions in the Question Gallery are arranged from the most simple and common question types to the more advanced question types. For a description of each question type, see Question Types.

Some question types must be used in conjunction with other question types making these questions dependent upon each other in order to function. This means that you should insert the required precedent question type, usually a Header question, prior to inserting a corresponding dependent question type. If you inadvertently add a question type without its corresponding dependent question, an error message, along with a suggested solution, will display.

The Question Gallery displays all dependent question types in gray signifying that you must insert the proper Header question type before choosing a grayed-out question. For example, the following image shows that Yes/No and Multiple Choice question types are dependent upon the Form Header question type in order to function properly:

question gallery dependence

All of the matrix question types are dependent on the Matrix Header question type:


NOTE:  Query Start and "Other" Text Box question types are not dependent upon Header questions, but they do require that you insert a question prior to choosing either of them. For Query Start, you insert a text question; for "Other" Text Box, you typically insert a Multiple Choice or Select Many question type.

Question type checks and suggestions

As you insert questions into your questionnaire, Vista checks to see which types of questions are suitable for the position in which you want to insert the question and the style of questions you are inserting. When the Question Gallery displays, those question types that are not suitable for what you are doing are automatically grayed-out; thus, allowing you to choose only those questions that are suitable at that time.

If you accidentally insert a question type that causes an error, Vista lets you know by displaying an error message with an offer to help you fix it. Clicking the error message with a "Fix it" note, will cause Vista to automatically solve the problem for you.

Question Library

The last question type listed in the Question Gallery is the Question Library. The Question Library is a list of pre-defined question types which you can use to save time. It includes questions and groups of questions such as a drop-down list of all countries (Country List) or a matrix question asking respondents to rate items from 1-5 (Rating Matrix). The question types provided are those which are used repeatedly; some being a complex build.

It is possible to add your own repeatedly used questions to the gallery. You also can include full surveys which might be used in future surveys as in the case of multiple language surveys. Refer to See also: below for links to these topics.

question library

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