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Inactive surveys

An inactive survey will not accept responses and a user who attempts to view the survey will receive a message stating that the survey is inactive. The following conditions can result in a survey becoming inactive:

  • Vista email invitation is deleted - When you go through the email invitation process to the end and then delete the invitation, the survey link in the email invitation will no longer link to the survey - it becomes a broken link. Also, deleting an invitation that has already been created does not stop the emails from being sent. The survey link will fail and recipients will receive a Web notification that the survey is no longer active when they receive the email and click the survey link.

    Important:  If you delete an email invitation after having gone through the invitation creation process, call Vista Support immediately, at + 919.859.4101, to ensure that the email does not go out.  
  • Survey has reached a set expiry date - If you configure a survey to have a date on which it will no longer accept responses, the survey will become inactive on that date. The setting is configured in Response limit settings on the Security tab. For more information, see Stop a survey
  • The survey is paused - When a survey is paused, it is no longer active and it will not accept responses. You can tell if a survey is paused by looking for the word "(Paused)" next to the name of a survey on the Surveys tab. For more information, see Pause a survey
  • The survey has been deleted - When a survey is deleted it will no longer accept responses. For more information, see Delete a survey and its responses.


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Need answers to questions about Vista pricing or features? Search our Help Center.
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