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Text Area Question

The Text Area question can be used to ask users for textual information.  Here is an example of a Text Area question:

Example of Text Area question

This question can be displayed in normal mode (as shown above) or Form mode (use with a Form Header Question).

The following is a description of the fields in the Text Area edit screen:

  • Question - Entry field for question text.  You can use the formatting toolbar to add formatting to the question, such as text size, text formatting (bold, italic, underline), color, etc.
  • Default Value - Sets the default answer choice for the question.  This value must be the exact text (case sensitive) of the answer choice.
  • Text box display length - Sets the character width of the text box.  Note that this is only the display length of the text box and does not limit the length of the respondent's answer.
  • Text box display height - Sets the number of lines in a text box.  If this value is greater than 1 the text box will be a multi-line text box, e.g. for entering comments.
  • Answer required - If checked, respondents must answer this question before they can continue with the survey.
  • Ask if - Click this button to set the condition under which this question will be asked, i.e. branching and conditional logic.  For more information, see the Ask if Logic page.
  • Verification - Sets the verification rules for the question.  For example, you can verify that respondent answers are in a certain numeric range or have a certain number of characters.  If a respondent's answer does not meet the verification rule entered, the respondent will not be able to continue the survey.

 Further Information

  • For instructions on adding an image (such as a logo) to this page, see How do I add a logo to my survey?
  • For information on using Piping to display dynamic data, see Using Piping
  • For information on entering text in multiple languages (i.e. multilingual survey), see Multilingual Surveys
  • To change this question to another type, Right-click on the question in the Edit tab and choose Change Type.

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Need answers to questions about Vista pricing or features? Search our Help Center.
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