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Resending invitations to recipients who have not responded

You can resend a Vista email invitation to individual recipients.

  1. Open the survey from which you want to send a repeat invitation.
  2. Click the Launch tab. The Launch tab displays a table containing all of the invitations to this survey that have been created. The table includes the Invitation Name and the date that the invitation was sent to help you identify the invitations. Invitations which have a name but do not have a date are those which have been created and not sent.
  3. In the invitation table, locate the invitation that you want to resend and click Details.

    invitation details
  4. The Invitation Details page displays with a list of all the recipients, their delivery status, and whether or not they have responded.
  5. In the Responded? column, identify an individual who did not respond.
  6. In the Actions column for that individual, click More and choose Resend Email.

    resend email
  7. In the Resend Email dialog, click Yes. The email invitation is automatically resent.
  8. Alternatively, if you want to resend the survey in bulk to all those who have not responded, you can click Send Reminder at the bottom of the page, and choose Only recipients who have not responded. Continue with the email invitation process as for previous invitation mailings.

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