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Salesforce Security Permissions for Vista

The default Salesforce security permissions are sufficient to allow Vista integration with Salesforce. The following list describes these security permissions and some methods that you can use to reset these permissions for Vista integration, if necessary:

  • Your organization must be enabled for API access, and the user attempting to access the API must have the profile permission "API Enabled" selected.
    • When attempting to log into a Salesforce account, Vista can run into an API-disabled error. The user’s profile that requires access to Vista must have API enabled.
    • Your configured permissions need to allow access to the data. Vista logs in to the Web Service as a user. The profile associated with the logged-in user grants or denies access to specific objects and fields in your organization.
  • For every field in the Survey Results and Survey objects, your user account in Salesforce must have read, create, and edit permissions. If you have Salesforce Professional edition, you might need to add some fields to the survey result page layout.
  • To change security settings for a profile, click Setup, Manage Users, Profiles, then click Edit for the profile (or create a new profile with the additional permissions).
    • Make sure API Enabled is checked.
    • In the Custom Object Permissions section, check all the boxes for the Survey and Survey Results objects.
  • If you need to change specific field security settings, you also can reinstall the Vista app from the AppExchange. One of the steps in the installation process will ask you to set permissions for each user profile.

NOTE:  Although time-consuming, another way to modify the Survey and Survey Results object permissions is to click Setup, Create, Objects, and then click on the Survey or Survey Results object. Click on a field you want to modify. Click the Set Field-Level Security button at the top. 

For an advanced description of API calls to Salesforce, see the following Salesforce documentation:


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