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Send a survey as part of a Salesforce workflow

You can configure Salesforce to send a Vista survey or form to Salesforce contacts as part of a Salesforce workflow. In the following procedure, Salesforce is configured to send a Vista survey to a contact once a Salesforce case is closed.

Note:  If you configure Saleforce to use a workflow task, ensure that the Allow Activities and Allow Reports options are enabled in the Survey Result custom object definition.

  1. Log into Salesforce.
  2. Click Setup.
    salesforce setup
  3. Under App Setup, click Create, click Workflows & Approvals, then click Workflow Rules.
    Workflow rules
  4. If the Understanding Workflow page appears, click Continue.
  5. On the All Workflow Rules page, click New Rule.
    new rule
  6. Choose Case from the Select object drop-down menu, and click Next.
  7. Enter a rule name in Rule Name.
  8. In Rule Criteria, enter the following: Field: Case: Close, Operator: equals, Value: True.
    This image, below, shows the correct configuration for this example:
    case status
  9. Click Save and Next.
  10. On the Step 3: Specify Workflow Actions page, under Immediate Workflow Actions, click Add Workflow Action, and choose New Email Alert.
    new email alert
  11. In Edit Email Alert, enter a descriptive title in Description
  12. Under the Email Template field, click the Lookup icon to locate the template that contains a link to the survey that you want to send to contacts.
    email lookup
  13. In the Email Templates window, click the name of the template to use.
  14. Select Email Field from the Recipient Type drop-down menu.
  15. From the Available Recipients list, click Email Field: Contact Email, and click the Add arrow to add the recipient to the Selected Recipients list.

    email contact 
    NOTE: Alternatively, you can use the Related Contact as the Recipient Type and Related Contact: Contact Name as the Selected Recipient
  16. Click Save.
  17. On the Step 3: Specify Workflow Actions page, click Done.
  18. On the Workflow Rule Detail page, click Activate to appy the new rule.
    activate rule

 See Salesforce Help and support if you require further assistance.


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