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Are survey results secure?

Vista has been designed to provide the highest level of security for your data and to prevent malicious responses from affecting your results. Our servers are maintained in-house and all the data stored on the servers is in a secure proprietary format.  A core portion of our business is developing server software; so, we are experts in this field.

As far as we are concerned, you own your survey data. Even though your data is on our servers, you have exclusive rights to it. We don't access your data unless you ask us to; and, we never sell data.

Here are some of the security features we provide for your data:

  • Only you have access to your data. Your account is secured by a unique username and password. You can change your password at any time and secure all communications using SSL encryption.
  • You can create a secure survey link for respondents to use in logging into a survey; and, secure all respondent's submissions using SSL encryption.
  • You can prevent unauthorized individuals from responding to your survey by using IP filtering to restrict access (e.g. allow only those individuals in your company to respond).
  • You can prevent a respondent from submitting your survey more than once (ballot-stuffing) using a variety of techniques to identify repeat respondents.
  • Vista's instant email notification allows you to review responses as they are completed and, with a single click, delete responses that are obviously insincere. The email notification gives you the respondent's IP address, time they spent taking your survey, and the completed questionnaire.
  • In cases where you want absolute anonymity, you can offer a secure login to your respondents that will make their IP addresses all the same.

In addition, Vista offers questionnaire and results security for multi-user accounts where an account Administrator manages all User accounts within a subscription by means of our permissioning system. The account Administrator is the individual(s) who is assigned an Admin account within a subscription. All other accounts within a multi-user subscription are User accounts.

The following account permissions, which are set by the account Administrator, apply to survey results:

  • A user with a User account that has View and/or Edit permission(s) for surveys other than their own may generate a survey report.
  • A user with a User account can prevent other User accounts from generating a report for a survey by making that survey Private. The Private survey is hidden from all other User accounts, except Admin accounts.
  • A user with an Admin account may generate a survey report for any survey, even if the survey is marked Private by another User or Admin account holder.
  • A user with an Admin account can secure a survey's results from all users with User accounts by making a survey Private.

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Need answers to questions about Vista pricing or features? Search our Help Center.
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