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Copying questionnaires

There are two quick and easy ways to copy a questionnaire, but each method serves a totally different purpose. 

The first method is used occasionally when a new survey you want to conduct is similar to one you already have completed; or, when someone with whom you are sharing your account wants to use a survey of yours. Simply saving the questionnaire under a new name allows it to be edited and used without affecting the original version of the survey. 

The second method is for adding a questionnaire to your library file where it is readily accessible, through the Question Gallery, to insert into new or existing questionnaires. This method is intended only for long-term, repeated use of a questionnaire as in the case of, for example, multilingual surveys where one questionnaire is repeated several times in a survey but in different languages. As a means of saving you from re-creating your questionnaire over and over, Vista offers the ability to copy the questionnaire into your Question Library.

Copying a questionnaire as a new survey

On the Surveys tab, click to open the survey you want to copy; then, click Save As to save the survey under a new name.  

Copying a questionnaire to your Question Library

If you have a questionnaire that you anticipate using repeatedly in one or more surveys, you can add it to your Question Library and save yourself from re-creating it. When you select it from your Library list, the full questionnaire will be inserted into the current questionnaire as though it's a question type from the Question Gallery. If there are parts of the Library questionnaire that you don't need, edit them out. Think of the time this will save.

NOTE:  All Library questionnaires can be edited without affecting the Library version. 

To add a questionnaire to your Question Library:

  1. Go to the Surveys tab, click the survey name you want to copy. It will open on the Edit tab. 
  2. Make any changes you see fit. 
  3. Click Save As and save the questionnaire under a name that begins with "_QT_".  For example, if you have a survey named Customer Satisfaction Survey and you are adding it to your Question Library, you will save it with the name "_QT_Customer Satisfaction Survey".   (This survey name will also display on the Surveys tab.)
  4. To insert this questionnaire into another questionnaire, click Question Library from the Question Gallery and choose the questionnaire's name from the Library's drop-down menu.

To learn more about the Question Library, see Inserting questions from the Question Library or Adding new questions to the Question Library.


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