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Ask if Logic

You can apply Ask if Logic to questions in your survey to set conditions for when they are shown.  Here is an example of using Ask if Logic in a question:

Ask If Example

The second question, "Why would you not recommend our company to others?" is only asked if the user answered No to the question "Would you recommend our company to others".

How to set Ask If logic

To set Ask if Logic for a question:

Note: There must be a Page Break between Ask if Logic questions.  If you do not insert a page break, Vista will flag an error and prompt to fix it for you automatically.

  1. If it doesn't already exist, create the question that users will go to if they answer a previous question a certain way.
  2. Double-click (or right-click and choose Edit) this new question or the one to which you want to add Ask if Logic. The question you choose here will be the one you want users to jump to if they answered a previous question in a certain way, e.g. question #2 in the example above.
  3. In the question editor, click the Ask if button.
  4. Choose the question from the drop-down menu that determines or causes the question jump, e.g. question #1 in the example above.  Click OK.
  5. On the Ask if screen, choose the condition(s) under which you want the question to display.

How to remove Ask if Logic

To remove existing Ask if Logic for a question

  1. Edit the question that has the Ask if Logic (double-click or right-click and choose Edit).
  2. Click the Ask if button.
  3. For Question, choose None (the first option).
  4. Click OK and then OK again on the question editor screen to save your changes.

Advanced Ask if Logic

If you need to enter advanced Ask if conditionals, such as conditionals that are based on the answer to two questions, you can enter a formula for the Ask if conditional.  For more information, see Advanced Ask if Logic.

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