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Format surveys

Style properties, such as question delivery, fonts, envelopes, progress indicators, language, etc., set the format or visual functionality of your survey.  You can control your survey's appearance and the way it visually interacts with respondents by changing it's style.

To change any of the style properties on the Format tab:

  1. Click the drop-down menu for a particular property.
  2. Choose a new option from the list that displays.
  3. Click Preview to see how your survey will look.  NOTE: Not all options display in Preview mode.

To help you to better understand the options, here is a description of each available style property:

Question Delivery

  • One at a time - Displays your survey with each question on its own page.
  • All at once - Displays all questions in your survey on the same page, regardless of any page breaks in your survey.
  • Defined groups (default) - Displays your questions with page breaks as defined in your survey.

- Sets the format (i.e. general appearance) for the survey.  Click Preview to see each envelope design.

Font family
- Sets the font for text in your survey.  NOTE:  if you explicitly set the font for the text of a question from within the Question Editor of a question type it will override this value.

  • Clear Formatting - When you copy text from MS Word or other applications, it's common for the formatting (i.e. font attributes) to be copied as well.  Clicking the Clear Formatting link will clear all formatting in your survey.

Question text

  • Normal (default) - Shows question text as normal text.
  • Bold - Shows question text in bold font.

Progress indicator

  • None - Don't show any progress indicator.
  • Question n of N - Show the progress indicator as Question n of N (e.g. Question 1 of 5).
  • Progress Bar (default) - Show a progress bar.

Question numbers

  • Don't include - Doesn't include automatic question numbers when presenting the survey.
  • Include (default) - Includes automatic question numbers when presenting the survey.

- Sets the language for the survey.  The language of the survey determines the text used for all system text such as buttons, prompts, etc.

  • Clicking More gives you additional language options:
    • Customize Text - This brings up a screen where you can customize any system message in the survey such as button text and validation messages.
    • Switch to Multilingual - Clicking this link switches the survey to multilingual mode.  In multilingual mode you can translate questions into multiple languages and, by adding a question at the beginning of the survey asking users for their language, users are able to take the survey in their own language.  For more information, see How do I build a Multilingual Survey?.


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