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Inserting questions from the Question Library

Vista provides a library of pre-defined questions such as an address block, address form, country list, date chooser, Likert scale, rating matrix, US state list, and many more.

You can easily insert these pre-defined questions into your questionnaire; plus, you can add your own questions to the library.

  1. Click Add Question or right-click a question and choose Insert Before or Insert After to insert a new question.

  2. When the Question Gallery displays, scroll to the bottom and click Question Library.

  3. Click to view the drop-down list of pre-defined question types. For information about each type, see Question Library

  4. Select one of the pre-defined questions or forms by clicking on its title. You can preview the questions before making your choice.

  5. Click Add Question to insert your selection into your questionnaire.


Adding questions to the Question Library 

You can easily add your own questions to the Library by building a single-question questionnaire.  Here's how:

  1. On the Surveys tab, click Create a New Survey.

  2. Click Add Question and choose the question type you want to use to build your library.

  3. When you finish building the question, click Save As and save the question as a new survey using a name that begins with "_QT_".  For example, if you create a question that is to be used as an RSVP for conferences, name your Library question "_QT_RSVP".  The question type "_RSVP" will appear in the Question Library list.

As you find yourself repeatedly needing the same kind of questions in new surveys, you can save yourself time and effort by using this method to add these questions or question combinations to your Question Library.

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Need answers to questions about Vista pricing or features? Search our Help Center.
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