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Overview of the Surveys Tab

The Surveys tab contains links for creating new surveys and building surveys from templates.  It also contains a survey table which, like a table of contents, displays a list of all the surveys in your account.  It is from the survey table that you not only access but also manage your surveys using a variety of functions and commands such as Edit, Pause, Delete, and many more.

Creating a New Survey from Scratch

Note: New surveys are listed in alphabetical order on the Surveys tab. 

  1. Click Create a New Survey on the Surveys tab.  If you want to create a new survey in a particular folder, navigate to the folder, and then click Create a New Survey.
  2. In the new survey, click Add Question to select the first type of question you want to add to your survey.  The Question Edit page for the question type you selected will display.  Enter the text for the question and any answer options that might be required. Click OK to return to your questionnaire.
  3. Right-click on this new question and select Insert Before or Insert After to add new questions as you progress down the page.

Creating a New Survey From a Template

Note: New surveys are listed in alphabetical order on the Surveys tab.

  1. Click Build From a Template on the Surveys tab.  If you want to create a new survey in a particular folder, navigate to the folder, and click Build From a Template
  2. On the Edit tab, select the template that you would like to use as a basis for your survey, and click Next.  To see an example of a template, select the template and then click Preview.
  3. Fill in the requested information.  What you enter here will be used in the survey.  Click Next.
  4. When the new survey displays, click Save or Save As
  5. Enter the name for the new survey, and click to save it.
  6. Edit questions by double-clicking on a question.  To see more editing options, right-click a question.

Survey Table 

The survey table lists the folders and surveys in your account.  The following is a description of the columns, options, and commands available on this tab:


  • Survey Name - name of each survey or folder.  Clicking a survey name will open it for editing on the Edit tab.  The text "(Paused)" next to a survey name indicates that the survey is currently suspended (i.e. closed), and that no new responses can be submitted.  
  • # - number of survey responses received so far.  
  • Start Date - date the survey was created. 
  • Owner - name of the user who owns the survey.  The owner of a survey has full control over the survey including assigning permissions to other users.  For more information, see Adding User Accounts and Permissions
  • Private (Lock) - Indicates whether or not a survey is locked for privacy purposes.  Private surveys can only be seen by the survey owner and any users to whom the owner has given permission.  For more information, see Adding User Accounts and Permissions
  • Edit - provides quick access to the Edit and Results tabs, and enables you to easily rename surveys.


  • Edit - opens the survey and displays it on the Edit tab.  
  • Results - opens the survey on the Results tab. 
  • Rename - renames the current survey.  Note that this does NOT affect the active link for the survey or existing responses.


  • Delete – permanently deletes the current survey and responses. 
  • Pause - suspends the survey, meaning that no new responses are accepted until it is toggled to Unpaused.  Users trying to take the survey while it is paused will receive a message saying the survey is closed. 
  • Purge – permanently deletes all responses to the survey.  This is useful for cleaning out test responses before launching a survey. 
  • Select Action menu – provides additional commands for managing, organizing, and protecting surveys and results.  These commands only display if you are the owner of a survey. 
    • Move - moves the survey to a new folder.  You can use this command to archive surveys as well. 
    • Combine Surveys - combines responses from multiple surveys for analysis.  Note that the surveys that are combined must have the same number and type of questions.  For more information, see Can I combine the results from multiple surveys for analysis?
    • Make Private - locks surveys for privacy, meaning that other users will not be able to see a survey unless you give them explicit permission.  This command toggles from locked to unlocked. 
      • If you are the sole user of your account, this command will be disabled. 
    • Set Permissions - enables the owner of private surveys to grant special permissions to another user who needs access to a survey.  This command toggles from permissions set to permissions unset.  For more information, see Adding User Accounts and Permissions
      • If you are the sole user of your account, this command will be disabled. 
    • Change Owner – assigns ownership of a survey to another user.  The owner of the survey has complete control over the survey including setting permissions for other users.  This command is only applicable when there are multiple assigned users in an account. 
  • New Folder – creates a new folder on the Surveys table. 

Applying a Single Command to Multiple Surveys and/or Folders

Many commands on the Surveys tab can be used for multiple surveys or folders at one time.  For example, you might want to move a set of surveys into a new folder in one operation rather than clicking Move for each survey individually.  The following steps enable you to click a command and apply it to multiple surveys or folders.

Note:  Pause and Purge will not function on folders.  You must select surveys from within a given folder. 

  1. Click the check box next to the survey(s) or folder(s). 
  2. Click the command of your choice at the bottom of the Survey table.  The command will be applied to each survey or folder you selected.

Creating a New Folder

Add organization to your surveys by using folders.

  1. Navigate to the Surveys tab.
  2. Click the New Folder button found below the list of surveys.  To add a new folder to an existing folder, navigate to the folder under which you want to create a new folder, and click the New Folder button. 
  3. Enter a name for the folder.  Click OK.

Moving Surveys into Folders

Note:  If you haven’t already created a folder, follow the instructions in Creating a New Folder.

Once you create a folder, it is easy to move surveys into it.  To move surveys into a folder:

  1. On the Surveys tab, click the check box next to each survey that you want to move. 
  2. Click the Select Action drop-down menu, and choose Move.  The Move to Folder dialog displays.
  3. In Move to Folder, choose the folder into which you want to move your surveys.  Click OK.  All of the surveys you checked are placed in the folder you selected.

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