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Create a New Survey

Note: You can also create a survey using templates. See Build a Survey from a Template for more information.

  1. Click Create a New Survey on the Surveys tab.  If you want to create a new survey in a particular folder, navigate to the folder in the Surveys tab, and then click Create a New Survey.

    Create new survey images

    Vista also includes survey templates to help you get started with creating your survey.  For more information, see Build a Survey from a Template.
  2. In the new survey, click Add Question to select the first type of question you want to add to your survey. 

    add question image

    The Question Gallery page will display.

    Vista Survey Question Gallery

    For more information on the different types of questions that you can add, see Question Types.
  3. Click the type of question that you want to add to your survey.  The Question Editor for the question type you selected will display.  The following graphic shows the Question Editor for a Text Message question.

    Text Message question type

    Enter the text for the question and any answer options that might be required. Click OK to return to your questionnaire.  For more information, see Opening and using the Question Editor.
  4. Right-click on this new question and select Insert Before or Insert After to add new questions as you progress down the page.

    Edit tab right click
  5. Do one of the following:
    • To preview how a survey will look to the survey recipients, click Preview.  To exit the preview, click Cancel.

      Preview image
    • To test any conditions that you have configured for your survey questions (Ask if Logic or required questions), click Test Logic. To exit the test logic, click Cancel.

      Test logic image
    • To see an example of the analysis results for your survey using randomly generated recipient data for each question, click Sample Report.  To exit the sample report, click Cancel.

      Sample Report image
  6. To save your survey, click Save.  In Survey name, enter a name for the survey, and then click Save.

    Save image

    NOTE:  New surveys are listed in alphabetical order on the Surveys tab. For more information, see Overview of the Surveys Tab.

  7. Once you have created a new survey, you will want to edit the survey.  For more information, see Edit a Survey.

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