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Can I view incomplete responses to my survey?

Survey results in Vista include responses that have been submitted by users.  This ensures that result reports are not skewed by responses that were started by a user but never finished.  As a user is taking a survey their data is stored in the Vista system as an incomplete session until the user submits the survey.  If a user comes back to the incomplete survey later, they will be given the option of resuming their incomplete session. 

To view the incomplete session data for a survey:

  1. Click the following link: 
  2. In the Select Value drop-down list, select the name of a survey, and then click Next.

    incomplete responses menu

    The Incomplete Sessions page lists the survey responses that were started but not submitted. If you selected the wrong survey click Cancel to return to the previous page.

    incomplete sessions

You can resume an incomplete survey to view the data entered in the session by clicking the Click Here to Resume link for the survey.  If you fill out the rest of the survey and click Submit, the response will become part of the results set and removed from the incomplete sessions table.  If you Cancel while viewing the session, the session will remain incomplete.

Unfortunately at this time there is no way to have incomplete session data automatically captured in the results reports for your survey.  You can compare the list of incomplete sessions to the number of submitted surveys in a survey report to see what percentage of the total number of recipients have responded to the survey.

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