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Drop-Down Menu
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Description: Describes how to use the Drop-Down Menu question type to ask the user to select an item from a list in a survey.

The Drop-Down Menu question is used to ask the user to select an item from a list.  Here is an example of a Drop-Down Menu question.

Example of a Drop-Down Menu question

This question can be displayed in normal mode (as shown above) or Form mode (use with a Form Header Question).

The following is a description of the fields in the Drop-Down Menu question editor:

Note: If you use the option "Other" in a question with possible answers (for example, Multiple Choice, Select Many), it is always placed last in an option list.  If you want an option to be listed last in a list of options place a ~ (tilda character) before the option value.  For example, if you wanted the option "I don't know" listed last, you would enter the option as "~I don't know".

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