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Text Box Question
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Description: Describes how to use a Text Box question in a survey to get an open-ended response from the user.

The Text Box question can be used to ask users for textual information.  Here is an example of a Text Box question:

Example of Text Box question

This question can be displayed as shown above, as a Text Area Question, as an Other Text Box Question, or in Form mode (use with a Form Header Question).  The versions of this question are

The following is a description of the fields in the Text Box edit screen:

You can place a limit on the number of characters that a user can enter into a Text Box question.  To do this, first enter your question text in the Edit tab.  Next, enter <attributes maxlength=number> in the Source tab at the end of the source content.  Replace number with the number of characters that you want to allow, such as 100.  Please note that the Text box display height must be set at 1 to enforce the character limitation.  Click OK to save the setting.  Click Test to test your character limitation. 

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