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Can I combine the results from multiple surveys for analysis?
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Description: Describes how to combine multiple surveys.

You can combine surveys that have the same structure.  To combine surveys, all surveys must have the same number and type of questions.

If the surveys contain questions that have a list of possible answers (e.g. Multiple Choice, Select Many, etc), the questions in the surveys do not need to have the exact same possible answers.  You may modify the possible answers over time.  When surveys are combined the answers will be merged correctly.

Here are the steps to combine survey results:

  1. On the Surveys tab, check off all the surveys you want to combine.

    select multiple surveys
  2. From the Select Action drop down list, click Combine Surveys.

    combine surveys command

    If the surveys that you are trying to combine do not have the same number and type of questions, you will see the following error:

    error combine surveys
  3. On the Combine Surveys page, enter the name of the new survey, and then click OK.

    combine surveys page
  4. A new survey will be created with a copy of the responses from all of the selected surveys.  You can then run analysis on the new survey to see a combined report.  For more information on viewing reports, see View Survey Results.

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