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Survey Commands
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Description: Describes the global commands (Save, Save As, Preview, Test Logic, Sample Report) that are available when you are editing a survey.

When you are working on a survey, a series of commands are listed on the left-hand side of the screen.  The following is a description of these commands.


Closes the survey and returns to the Surveys tab with the list of surveys in your account. 


Saves the current version of the survey.  If this is a new survey that has not yet been given a name, Vista will prompt you for a name.

If you have launched your survey and you have responses, but you have made "structural changes" to the survey since its launch, clicking Save will display a dialog indicating that you've made structural changes and you will be asked what you want to do.  The following choices are available:

  1. Delete all previous results - Choosing this option will purge all existing results and save the changes to the survey.  This is appropriate if the responses you have in the survey are test responses.
  2. Save using a new name - Choose this option if you want to keep your existing responses and create a copy of your survey with your changes. 
    • When you click OK you will be asked where you want the Survey Link to point.  Choose New Survey if you want the original survey link to be moved from the original survey to your new survey.  If you choose Original Survey the original survey link will remain intact and the new survey will be given a new ID and link. 
    • For example, if you don't want to send out a new link to your users, choose New Survey.  This way anyone who clicks the original link will be directed to your new survey, and they will take your survey without any knowledge of survey or link changes you have made. 

Save As

Displays the Save As dialog which allows you to save a copy of the survey with a new name.  Note that the ID and thus the survey link for the new survey will be different from the original survey.


Runs your survey in Preview mode.  In preview mode all logic (e.g. required questions, Ask if Logic, validation) is disabled and each screen of questions is shown in order.  This is useful if you want to quickly preview the display of each page of the questionnaire.

Test Logic

Runs your survey in Active mode.  In Active mode all logic (e.g. required questions, Ask if Logic, validation) is enabled, providing you with a way to test the logic and user experience of your survey.  This is useful if you want to run through the survey as your users will see it.

Sample Report

Displays an Analysis Report for your survey with randomly generated data for each question.  This is a good way to get a feel for how the choice of question types in your survey will impact the results analysis.