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Adding User Accounts and Permissions
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Description: Describes the Survey and Folder Permissions that are available when using Vista in multiuser mode, i.e. restricting and granting access to surveys

Adding user accounts allows multiple people within a workgroup to share the same Vista account while providing a way to keep individual surveys and folders secure and, if desired, private. The Administrator (Admin) of the account is able to add and manage user accounts.  Assigned Users are able to log in with a unique username and password to work on questionnaires for which the Admin has granted access.  This ensures a high level of security for sensitive data.


The Administrator has complete access to all surveys and results in the account including surveys that have been made private in other user accounts.

The Administrator can:

Survey and Folder Ownership

Every survey and folder is assigned to an owner who is, initially, the person who created the survey or folder. The Administrator can change the ownership of any survey or folder. The current owner of a survey or folder is displayed in the Owner column on the Surveys tab.

By default, surveys and folders have the following security settings:

Survey and Folder Permissions

Owners of surveys and folders can grant the following special permissions to other users:

 Here are the steps for setting permissions on a survey or folder:

  1. On the Surveys tab, click inside the check box next to the survey(s) on which you want to set permissions. 
  2. In the Select Actions menu, choose Set Permissions
  3. Check the permission(s) you want to grant each user.  Click OK.

Public vs. Private

When a survey or folder is first created, it is automatically set to public access which means any user can view the survey and results, generate results reports, and copy the survey.  However, unless you are the survey owner, you cannot edit the survey. 

Owners of surveys and folders are able to set them to private in which case other users logging into their accounts will see only their own surveys and folders listed in the Surveys table.  When a survey is private, a lock icon (Lock)  displays next to the survey on the Surveys tab.

Here are the steps for making a survey or folder private:

  1. Click the Surveys tab to view the list of surveys. 
  2. Select each survey you want to make private by clicking inside the check box next to the survey or folder name in the first column of the Survey table.
  3. In the Select Actions menu, choose Make Private.