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Vanguard Vista with Salesforce Overview
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Description: Video overview of using Vista with Salesforce.com.

You can use Vista with all versions of Saleforce. One Vista account can be used for multiple Salesforce Organizations.

Using Vanguard Vista with Salesforce involves the following steps:

  1. Install Vanguard Vista from the AppExchange (Installing Vista from the AppExchange).
  2. Configuring Salesforce to Display Vista (Configuring Salesforce to Display Vista).
  3. Log into Vanguard Vista from Salesforce (Logging into Vista from Salesforce).
  4. Set up Question Mapping (see Setting up Question Mapping in Salesforce Tab).
  5. Send a survey through Salesforce (Launching through Salesforce).
  6. Transfer survey results to Salesforce (Transferring Results to Salesforce).
  7. Create Salesforce reports using Vista survey results (Walkthrough: Creating Salesforce Reports on Survey Results).