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Downloading Raw Data
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Description: Describes how to Download Raw Data from the Results Tab of a survey.

You can download the raw response data for your survey by clicking Download raw data on the Results tab.  For more information about the Results tab, see View Survey Results.

File Format

When you click Download raw data, Vista generates a tab-delimited text file which contains all your response data.  You can then download this file to your computer for further analysis, import into other programs or put it in an archive.

Tip: The download file is by default given a .xls extension so it will open in Microsoft Excel®.  You can change this extension to .txt to open it in a text editor program.

Changing Download Settings

To change the settings of your download:

  1. On the Results tab, in Task, click Download raw data and then click Continue.  The Confirm Download Settings page displays.

    confirm download settings

The following settings are available.

Additional Download Fields

The following additional fields may be included in your download file.

NOTE:  Older versions of some spreadsheet programs may support 65,536 rows by 256 columns only.  If your survey is very large then you may not be able to view its raw data in these older spreadsheet programs.  There are many free spreadsheet programs available that support much larger spreadsheets, such as Zoho Sheet and Google Docs.