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Overview of the Results Tab
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Description: Describes how to use the Results Tab to view the results of your survey.

Once you've launched and started receiving responses to your survey, you'll go to the Results tab to view your results.  On the top left corner of the tab you can quickly see the number of people who have responded to your survey.

results tab

Th Results tab contains three configuration sections:

Once you have configured your results resport you can click Continue and then specify your Reprort Properties.  Once the peprort properties are specified, you can click Generate Report to see the results report. 

For information on how to generate reports, see View Survey Results.

Tasks (Types of Reports)

In the Task section you can choose one of three types of reports to generate:

  1. Generate an analysis report - This will generate a print-ready analysis report about your survey results.  The report can be printed or saved as a PDF and shared with others.  For more information about this report, see Generating an Analysis Report.
  2. Examine each completed questionnaire - This will open a screen where you can view a single response at a time and navigate between responses.  For more information about this report, see Viewing Individual Questionnaires.
  3. Download raw data - This will create a tab-delimited text file with your response data which you can archive or download to your computer for futher analysis. For more information about this report, see Downloading Raw Data.

For more information on configuring tasks, see "Types of Reports" in View Survey Results.


In the Dates section you can specify if you want to only show responses received within a certain date range.

For more information on configuring dates, see "Dates" in View Survey Results.

Once you have specified a date range for the report, you can use report Filters to narrow your report results to only include responses to specific questions.  Filters are described below.


You can set filter(s) on your report to only view responses that match a certain criteria such as a particular Region.  The following types of filters are available:

For more information on configuring Filters, see "Report Filters" in View Survey Results.