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Overview of the Launch Tab
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Description: Describes how to use the Launch Tab to launch your survey and view the details for invitations you have sent out.

The Launch tab contains the Launch Wizard which will guide you through launching your survey.  Also, if you send out email invitations through Vista, the Invitation List will be displayed on this tab.

Using the Launch Wizard

Click the Launch Wizard button to run the Launch Wizard. The following scenarios display as you proceed through the wizard:

Note: If you are using the Salesforce.com version of Vista, the Launch Wizard will include the option to send your invitations through Salesforce.  For more information about this option, see Launching through Salesforce.

Invitations List

When you send emails through Vista, an Invitation record is created which contains the details about your invitation such as your contact data and response details.  The Invitation records are displayed in a table on the Launch tab with the following fields: