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Multilingual Surveys
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Description: Describes how to create a multilingual survey which contains a translation for each question and prompts the user to select their language before taking the survey.

In Vanguard Vista, you can set up a multilingual survey that can be taken in different langauges.  In a multilingual survey, the respondent is automatically prompted for their language on the first screen of the survey:

Example of Multilingual Survey

Here are the steps to set up a multilingual survey:

  1. On the Format tab, next to the Language field, click More; then click Switch to Multilingual.
  2. Select the languages you want to include in the survey, and click OK.
  3. On the Edit tab, edit each question to enter the translation for each language. When a survey is in multilingual mode, there will be a Language field at the top of the Edit Question screen which selects the current language being edited.
  4. There is also a Language field at the top of the Edit tab which changes the language being viewed.

To switch back to Monolingual mode, click More->Switch to Monolingual on the Format tab.  You can customize the system text for any of your languages by clicking More->Customize Text on the Format tab.

By default, when a user clicks the link to start a multilingual survey, they will be prompted to select a language as in the example above. You can specify this language in the survey link by adding the lang parameter to the link with the value being the specified language.  If you do this, the user will automatically be taken into a specific language version of the survey when they click the link.  For example, to send out a link to the French version of a survey, the link will look like this: