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Add definitions to text
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Description: Describes how to add definitions to text in a question.

You can add a definition to the text that appears when a user places his cursor over specific text.  For example, place your mouse over the following words: Vista Templates.

To add a definition to text:

  1. Open the question containing the text and click the Source tab in the message field.
  2. Place the following HTML around the text that you want to add a definition to:
    <span style="TEXT-DECORATION:underline" title="definition text">Text</span>
  3. Make sure to replace definition text with the definition and Text with the text you would like to display on the page.
  4. Click the Edit tab to see the text and test the definition.
  5. Click OK to save the question.

Vista supports most HTML.  To learn more about HTML, see the HTML Tutorial at W3Schools.

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