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Add graphics to a Vista invitation
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Description: Describes how to add logos and images to Vista invitations.

To add images to the survey and form invitations that you send using Vista:

  1. Click here to open a new browser window.
  2. Navigate to a Web page on your Web site that contains the image that you want to use.
  3. Right-click the image and choose Copy.

    NOTE: If right-clicking the image doesn't allow you to choose Copy, the image is most likely embedded in the Web page you are accessing. See NOTE below for further instructions.
  4. Switch to your Vista survey, click Launch Wizard on the Launch tab to create your Vista invitation.  For more information on using the Launch Wizard, see Sending Email Invitations from Vista.
  5. On the Compose Email step of the Launch Wizard, click in the invitation message where you want to insert the image and click the Paste icon in the message area toolbar.
    The image appears in your email message. You can drag the image to a different location in your email message if needed.
  6. Complete your invitation.

NOTE:  If your logo is not available on your site, email the logo file to support@vanguardsw.com.  One of our Support Representatives will post the image file to your Vista Web folder and provide you with a Web link to the file.