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Remove a recipient from an invitation
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Description: Describes how to remove an individual recipient from an invitation list.

To remove a recipient from a Vista email invitation:

  1. On the Launch tab, click Details for the invitation that includes the recipient that you want to remove.
  2. Click More for the recipient that you want to remove and choose Edit Recipient Data.
  3. Delete all of the recipient data for the recipient and click OK.  When you change an invitation, Vista will ask you if you want to resend the invitation.  Click Yes to send the invitation to the remaining recipients or No to simply delete the recipient.
    The recipient that you deleted is no longer listed in the Invitation Details, but the row that the recipient occupied is still listed so that you can add the recipient back into the invitation if needed. 

NOTE:  If you selected the Send Me a Copy of Recipients response in Email option, when you receive the email click the "Delete this recipient's response" link. Or you can delete it from your report on the Results tab.