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Add a logo or graphic to a Vista email template
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Description: Describes how to copy an image from the Web and paste it into the Vista invitation email.

To copy an image from a Web page, you can right-click the image and click Copy.  When you paste the image into the Edit field of the Vista email invitation, click where you want the image to appear and then enter the keyboard combination Ctrl+V.  If you want to move the image, just click and drag the image to where you want to move it.

If your image is not available on a Web page, email the image file to support@vanguardsw.com (.jpg, .gif, or .png formats accepted).  One of our Support Representatives will post the image file to your Vista Web folder and provide you with a Web link to the file.  When you receive the Web link, enter it into your Web browser and follow the instructions in the paragraph above. 

If you are familiar with HTML, you can edit the HTML tags directly by clicking the Source tab of the Vista email invitation (if you are using a Web browser other than Internet Explorer, then the Source tab is replaced by the HTML button in the toolbar).

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