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Inserting audio and video into questions
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Description: Describes how to embed videos in your surveys and forms.

You can insert audio and video files into a Vista question by using a free audio or video sharing Web site.  First, you upload your file to the free sharing Web site such as Youtube and then you insert the HTML code that the free sharing Web site provides into your Vista question.

NOTE:  If you do not want to put your files on a free audio or video sharing Web site, e-mail the file(s) to support@vanguardsw.com.  One of our Support Representatives will post the file(s) to your Vista Web folder and provide you with a Web link to the file(s).

  1. Upload your audio or video to an audio or video sharing Web site.  Audio and video sharing Web sites will provide the HTML code that you need to embed the audio or video into a Vista question. 
    • Video:  Youtube is the most popular free video sharing Web site.  For information about uploading a video to Youtube, see Youtube's help topic, Uploading Videos
    • Audio:  Audio files are much smaller than video files and there are many free file hosting Web sites that allow you to upload and share an audio file.  For example, Box (http://www.box.net) is a very popular free file sharing site.
  2. Obtain the HTML code for embedding your audio or video file from the audio or video sharing Web site and copy the code. 
  3. In Vista, open the question in which you want to embed the audio or video.
  4. Click the Source tab (or HTML button in browsers other than Internet Explorer) of the Question Editor.
  5. Click where you want the audio or video to appear in your question and press Ctrl+V to paste the HTML that you copied from the audio or video sharing Web site.
  6. Click the Edit tab to see how your audio or video will appear. 

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