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Filter results by invitation custom field values
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Description: Describes how to filter results by email invitation custom field values.

You can filter your survey results report to display only the responses that contain a specific survey invitation custom field value.  For more information about survey invitation custom field values, see Sending Email Invitations from Vista.

  1. Click the Define button next to the Filter field on the Results tab.
  2. Choose Filter by an Invitation Custom Field value and click Next. The Filter by Custom Field page displays.
    filter by custom field page
  3. Select a custom field and click Next. If you have not created an email invitation with custom fields for a survey there will not be any custom fields to select on this page.

    The Filter page displays.
  4. Select all of the custom field values on which you want to filter.  Select (Blank) to include anonymous results in the report. Click Next.

    The Results tab displays your filter.

    filter by custom field applied
    To remove the filter, click Clear.
  5. To generate your report, click Continue

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